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Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Paint a car with Rustoleum

There are several cars present in market today, which can get affected by corrosion or rust, if they are not properly covered.  Rustoleum paint is capable of providing a strong outer shell, which can prevent car against corrosion in the future. Rust can destroy your car look, and give you huge expense in removing the rust part.  Rustoleum has a strong absorbing capacity, and it can remain for several years, if painted on metal surfaces. Hence, it is in individual best interest to paint their car with Rustoleum, and remain carefree without rust or corrosion. Additionally, you will not have to spend a lot of money on repairing costs. However, you will need some of the perfect combination of materials, and follow the below guide to get the best results. 

Materials Required

1- Rustoleum primer Spray

2- Sanding Block

3- Sand paper

4- Paint thinner (make sure it says 100% mineral spirits)

5- Shop Rag from autozone

6- Rustoleum Paint (make sure it is oil based enamel)

7- Painter’s tape

8- Hair Dryer

9- Wetsand with 400 Grit

Steps for Painting the Car

  • Prepare the car: Initially, you need to make sure that the car is ready for paint. Hence, you should start covering your shiny metals, edges of windows, rubber edges of doors, and anything that you don’t wanted to paint with Rustoleum. Painter tape is available everywhere, and you need to cover all the above mentioned places with painter tape. It is easy to remove this tape, and it won’t leave any marks. Additionally, you need to cover your car windshields. Once you complete the covering process; you need to lay some newspapers below the car in the ground.

  • Preparing the paintwork: This is an important process, and make sure you prepare the perfect combination. Rustoleum will work best, if the surface is clean and smooth. You should start by removing any rough or uneven spots in your car by using sandpaper. Alternatively, you can use sanding block to remove such surfaces, and protect your system simultaneously. 

  • Spray Rustoleum: Please do not proceed to this step, if you have not completed the above one. Initially, you need to spray the first layer of Rustoleum, which will be primer. You need to spray on surfaces, where you want the effect of the paint. Additionally, you need to allow the surfaces to dry after you have applied the first layer of the primer. You can use shop rag to distribute it evenly. Alternatively, you can also add second layer, depending on requirement. You need to keep a distance of 8 inches from the car while spraying, and distribute it evenly among the surfaces. 

  • Rustoleum Paint: You need to stir the paint at home, and never let the store to do the task for you. Add the paint thinner, and stir it continuously for minutes. The best combination is, when the paint takes 3 second to drip. You can use a cloth to first clean the surface. Secondly, use a paint roller to dip the paint. You need to have roller in one hand, and hair dryer in the other. The primary purpose of the hair dryer is to pop out any bubbles. You don’t need to make any settings for the hair dryer, and keep it with minimum heat. The first coat would not look good, and allow it to dry for 6 hours. You need to apply second coat after 6 hours. 

  • Next day: You need to use wetsand to remove 50 % of the peel off. Secondly, apply primer on the surface, and use a tack cloth to clean the surface. Your system would start appearing good, but the process is still left. Apply another coat after 6 hours, and this time do not sand the coats. 

  • Third Day: You again need to use wetsand to remove 80% of the peel off. However, you need to make sure that it is not deep. At present, you need to create a paint mixture, which takes 4 seconds to drip. This is the last coating, and we need to make it thick. However, it is advisable to now use a new paint roller. Repeat the same procedure with primer and cloth. 

  • Fourth Day: You need to apply the last coat, so apply the first coat, and then the second coat after 1 minute. Later, you can add the third coat too. The paint will appear dull, and you need to apply wetsand 1000 grit. You will need time to remove the peel and flatten the surfaces. 

Lastly, you will need practice to complete this process with perfection. If you did the process right; you won’t believe your eyes.

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